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Here is what to look out for on ICN LIVE TALK

Here is what to look out for on ICN LIVE TALK

Click and see what to look out for on

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ICN Research Report on Aboriginal Women's Health

ICN Research Report on Aboriginal Women's Health

ICN Research Report

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About Us


Welcome to the Idea Connector Network’s (ICN) Aboriginal Entrepreneurship Online Community.


Our vision is an expression of shared aspiration of Aboriginal people looking to break-down barriers and take their rightful place in Canada and improve their economic well-being.

Our aim is to help inspire entrepreneurial Aboriginal people with the help of experienced entrepreneurs and subject experts. Through these experts, we make available to our audiences, useful knowledge and how-to secrets, whether they are at the start or in the midst of a career.

“Live Your Dream” is also ICN’s beacon, guiding us to fulfill everything we do for our audiences and stakeholders.


The Idea Connector Network (ICN) has been producing content and building its Aboriginal entrepreneurial online community since 2011. The ICN Aboriginal Entrepreneurship Online Community is also about celebrating Aboriginal successes and about helping make good things happen.

ICN is a social enterprise and a third party independent organization. We do not and have never received core funding from government. Developing the Aboriginal Entrepreneurship online community has been a labour of love made possible by sponsorship funding received for projects and in large part thanks to the contribution of thousands of volunteer hours.


ICN provides a dynamic, practical, virtual collaboration platform for dialogue about business, social entrepreneurship, and careers. It’s a platform to connect, share, engage and prosper. It offers rich and varied resources to help our audiences improve their success, find opportunities, grow their business, and advance their career.

We produce, with the help of subject experts, live and on-demand content from our Ottawa studios. Through live video panel discussions, video and audio interviews, articles and our Aboriginal Women’s e-magazine, our audiences find useful information, advice, insights, resources and inspiration.  

ICN also produces research, using Foresight Methods.  We bring people together to anticipate the future by developing plausible visions of what it might bring, so that preparations to deal with possible threats and to exploit possible opportunities can begin immediately.

In addition, ICN is a place where Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people can come together, learn more about each other, explore business opportunities and celebrate their joint successes.  It’s our belief that through a better understanding of heritage we will all be better equipped to set aside biases and work to stimulate economic growth while respecting cultural differences.


Our unique programming provides viewers with multi-dimensional insights, in four streams:

Business Talk – For years in video interviews with Aboriginal entrepreneurs and subject experts we have talked about their success stories, their business challenges, the lessons learned, and they’ve shared best practices.  We have now added two new dimensions to Business Talk:

  • Innovations providing a look at innovations being introduced in the market place and articles aimed at helping our viewers spark new ideas of their own.

  • Opportunities In the months ahead ICN will be producing a series of online discussions with subject experts on various Industry sectors. Our aim is to look at industry vehicles such as e-commerce; caring services, etc., examine market trends in Canada and invite industry associations, companies, and subject experts to discuss opportunities for Aboriginal start-up, independent contractors and potential partnerships.

In addition, in this ICN stream, you’ll find more than 300 videos clips that offer various perspectives on topics such as starting a business, marketing, human resources, selling to government, a “Protocol for Meeting with Aboriginal Communities”, and much more.

Women: Blueprint for Success – Is focused on Aboriginal women and girls interested in

  • Business Entrepreneurship (Starting or Growing a Business); 

  • Social entrepreneurship (aspiring to be a change maker); 

  • Starting a new CareerIn short women looking for knowledge and help from experience entrepreneurs and subject experts (at no cost) to build their “Blueprint for Success.”

On a broader scale it’s a collaborative online hub that provides Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal women with networking opportunities. It enables participants to share experiences and ideas, enhance their entrepreneurial skills, gain insights to advance their career, enhance their leadership skills, grow their businesses, gain strength from each other and learn from each other’s heritage.  ICN also publishes an e-magazine “Aboriginal Women’s Economic Quarterly” dedicated to celebrating Aboriginal women’s successes.

RESEARCH — Building Futures

ICN brings people together to anticipate the future by developing plausible visions of what it might bring, so that preparations to deal with possible threats and to exploit possible opportunities can begin immediately. We have produced several private and publicly available research projects. A few examples of subject areas: “Framework for Creating an Aboriginal Women’s Health Research Centre”; Framework for Building Relationships and Identifying Opportunities that Underpin Joint Ventures., “Enabling Aboriginal women to play a greater role in the development and management of Natural Resources”.

This is a service that ICN provides. Whether you are a strategic leader in a private sector organization looking to develop joint ventures with an Aboriginal community, or an Aboriginal community leader looking to expand the economic boundaries of your community to generate economic progress, ICN can help you develop frameworks specific to your needs, whether they be:

  • Improving knowledge and understanding of important trends and drivers,

  • Identifying attractive business options for potential development,

  • Creating and engaging in collaborative research programs.

We work with organizations, large and small, which strive for excellence and innovation. ICN has the practical tools, the research strengths, and the programs which will help you highlight the critical insights that deserve attention to promote success.

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