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  • Her Dream: Grow her e-commerce business and open a gift shop

Her Dream: Grow her e-commerce business and open a gift shop

0 Posted by - November 18, 2016 -

ICN’s Blueprint for Success

Shaylene Johnson
Her Dream

“I have a small e-commerce business that I would like to grow, but my dream is to open a gift shop with specialty and hard to find sought after items”


Quick Facts
Name: Shaylene Johnson
Heritage: Mi’kmaq from Membertou FN
Occupation: Works for the Union of Nova Scotia Indians as a survey support and community outreach person
Education: Bachelor Cape Breton University science and community arts, concentration “Indigenous knowledge and ways of understanding”.
Awards: Recipient of two consecutive research grants; twice recipient of the prestigious Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada Award; also recipient of the Donald Marshall Sr. Scholarship award; and received the Membertou’s Edward Kabatay Culture and Language award in 2015.
Current Residence: Membertou FN, Cape Breton, NS
Proud Mother: of four young children

Blueprints for Success - Blue BG - STILL

In this FIRST EPISODE: Meet Shaylene in this first interview she talks about her life and aspiration. You’ll learn that Shaylene is committed to her family, her full time job and to volunteering in her community.  In addition she owns a small e-commerce business operating from her home and through Facebook under the business name of  “Shaylene’s International Emporium”  To learn more about Shaylene’s vision and motivation view…/ Shaylene’s Interview

In this SECOND EPISODE: We have enabled Shaylene to explore her business idea with the help experienced entrepreneurs. Colby DeLorme, President, The Imagination Group Panelists 28 Feb 17(central business e-Commerce) – Calgary, AB and Jacques Pilon, Corporate President and Entrepreneur in Residence, the Launch Lab, Innovation Centre — Kingston On.

More specifically with our panelists we have focused on products (buyers, selection of products, pricing, etc.) and on delivery (e-commerce considerations such as online experience free shipping, same day delivery and more).  Our invited entrepreneurs have also shared their thoughts with Shaylene on her idea for a brick and mortar gift shop                                                                                                                         To view …/ Panel on Product and Delivery

In the next Episode (no. 3)  to be produced live online at 11:00 a.m. Tuesday Mar 14, 2017 this next panel discussion will be focused on on alternative e-commerce solutions and measuring progress. Experts will lend her their expertise for FREE to help her explore her idea and its potential opportunity.  You are welcomed to participate to the discussion, its free and you may ask questions and share your experience To lean more …/ to be announced shortly




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