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  • Her Dream: Startup a cosmetic business.

Her Dream: Startup a cosmetic business.

0 Posted by - March 29, 2017 -

Jenn Harper InternHer Dream

Startup a cosmetic business named “Cheekbone Beauty”.  The company made its first incursion online using an e-commerce platform late November 2016. It immediately started to produce sales.


Quick Facts:
 Jennifer (Jenn) Harper
Heritage: Anishinabe
Occupation: Full time Sales Person for a major Sea Food Wholesaler
Education: High School + work and devotion
Current Residence: Toronto area, ON
Proud Mother of 2

Blueprints for Success - Blue BG - STILL

In this first episode: Meet Jenn in this interview she talks about her life and aspiration. You’ll learn that through her own personal struggles and a familial situation not uncommon in many Aboriginal communities, Jenn sought to become part of the solution, moving towards a positive state of change. She is committed to her family, to her heritage, and to donating a percentage of Cheekbone’s profits to supporting education and advancement of Native Canadians.

To learn more about Jenn’s vision and motivation view…/Jenn’s  Interview

UntitledIn this second episode — Getting funding is not an easy task, however if a person is truly determined and committed and he/she has a well thought out plan built on tested assumptions, a product with some sales, process to delivery , and measurable milestones, chances are with perseverance she will succeed in getting funding.

Let’s remember, studies show that 80% of the Inc. 500 private companies were financed at their start solely by the founders’ personal savings, credit cards, second mortgages, customer advances, extended terms from vendors and a multitude of other bootstrap techniques.

For the purpose of this ICN Talk panelists Catherine Debassige,Senior Account Manager, at BDC Aboriginal Banking, Ontario Region and Jacques Pilon President of Corporations and Entrepreneur-in-residence at the Launch Lab Innovation Centre, located in Kingston, ON have explored with ICN’s Blueprints for Success Entrepreneurial Intern Jenn Harper two stages of funding,
Early-Stage Financing, and
Expansion Financing.

                                              To view this second episode …/ Jenn Money Funding



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