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What role does a contrarian spirit play in innovativeness?

In order to set a good foundation for this discourse, it is essential to define what the word – Contrarian means. Contrarian simply means someone who does not go with popular belief or opinion.
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3 Small Business Ideas in Canada in 2018
Canada’s economy was primarily resourced based for many decades, but times have changed because of globalization and technology acceleration Canada’s modern economy is now service industry based.  Learn More


ICN Guy Dancause will be travelling to Western Canada early February to meet with some ICN subscribers and with community leaders to consult on a new series of programs. The western trip will be followed by similar consultations in Ontario and in Atlantic Canada. Learn More



Selling Your Way to Launching Your Business

Launching a business often means working long hours to reach success. For many entrepreneurs, success has come after experiencing years of trial and error only then have they been able to figure out the secrets to success. In...

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ICN offers organizations a unique strategic communication solution designed to build bridges of engagement and dialogue with Aboriginal people in Canada through dynamic video and content.

Solutions that help showcase our partners' brand, the values it stands for, and that establishes a dialogue.