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Here is what to look out for on ICN LIVE TALK

Here is what to look out for on ICN LIVE TALK

Click and see what to look out for on

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ICN Research Report on Aboriginal Women's Health

ICN Research Report on Aboriginal Women's Health

ICN Research Report

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Proteus Canada Institute


History of the Proteus Canada Institute

The Proteus Canada Institute (PCI) was incorporated in 2006 under Part II of the Canada Corporations Act as a not-for-profit Institute. It received its certificate of “Continuance” under the Not-For-Profit Corporations Act in 2015.

In its early years, PCI was focused on the development of “Protean Critical Thinking” applications leading to the delivery of six major projects. In 2011, it began its shift from international security themes to apply its knowledge and expertise to explore ways and means progress can be made on Canadian Indigenous issues. Themes included insights into Aboriginal situations ten years hence; Roles of Aboriginal women in developing and managing natural resources; 
thumbnail of Report ICN FrameworkIn 2015 we have produced  A Framework for building relationships
and identifying opportunities that underpin joint business ventures;

thumbnail of AWHRC Framework Report Final 9 Feb 2017And, in 2016 Creating an Aboriginal women’s health research centre.    — Click on the reports to view

Also in 2011, Proteus cemented a close relationship with the Idea Connector Network (ICN), a social enterprise strongly focused on Aboriginal entrepreneurship.  ICN is a dynamic, practical, virtual collaboration platform for dialogue about business, social entrepreneurship, and careers. Its technology and skills provides Aboriginals and non-Aboriginals to connect, share, engage and prosper together both face to face and remotely. Participants and clients have helped many individuals successfully find opportunities, grow their businesses, and advance their careers.

Producing these Foresight exercises on Human Security has been made possible thanks to funding from government and sponsoring partners and the pro bono contribution of thousands of hours by Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal subject matter experts.

PCI has always been interested in human security issues.  Since 2011 foresight activities in particular have focused on Canadian Indigenous health and economics issues.

PCI wants to cooperate with other organizations engaged in policy studies on Indigenous economic development, and food, health, and environmental security. In addition PCI is committed to generating shared awareness among non-Indigenous thought leaders on Canadian Indigenous realities this commitment recognizes the fact that for Canada to continue to prosper today’s Indigenous youth need to know they too can enjoy a quality of life that brings them  health, opportunity, prosperity, and social well-being.

For both financial and efficiency reasons, PCI makes a major effort to exploit technology so that Canada-wide participation is possible in all its events through one or more of live streaming, online polling, publications and social media.

PCI understands real change never comes only from the top. change is achieved when ordinary people, in large numbers stand up together with a common cause.

Governance and Advisory  To learn about the Proteus people click here

thumbnail of Web site Imagining New Futures Synopsis Jun 2017 RUpcoming Foresight Project 2017 – 2018

The Daniels vs Canada Supreme Court ruling has changed the context for Metis and Non-Status Indians throughout Canada. It presents an opportunity to address new ways and means of promoting sustainable human security for all Canadians.

The Proteus Canada Institute is proposing to engage Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples from all levels of society … to learn more click on project image






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