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Here is what to look out for on ICN LIVE TALK

Here is what to look out for on ICN LIVE TALK

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ICN Research Report on Aboriginal Women's Health

ICN Research Report on Aboriginal Women's Health

ICN Research Report

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 The Idea Connector Network (ICN) has, since 2011, produced online content for its own account ‘the Aboriginal Entrepreneurship online community’.  The Community is a space where, with the help of guests, we explore the challenges of entrepreneurship and the paths that lead to finding opportunities and achieving success.  Our aim is to to inspire Aboriginal people to “Live their Dream”.  In the last six years we have produced more than 400 video interviews, online panel discussions and radio programming. We have also produced numerous texts,  e-books, e-newsletters and a quarterly e-magazine titled Aboriginal Women’s Economic Quarterly.  All was made possible thanks to the financial support of projects funded by government, the private sector and organizations, and in large part thanks to the contribution of thousands of volunteer hours.

To continue its work in helping enhance both business and social entrepreneurial thinking and associated entrepreneurial capacity building and economic growth, ICN offers the following  services…

  •  Sponsorship

  • Thought leadership

  • Strategic Planning Support Services

  • Sustainability Programming

  • Unused Surplus Capacity



To provide your organization the opportunity to engage with Aboriginal people and their communities.

To complement your existing diversity and inclusion initiatives with a reputable external provider, ICN.

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Thought Leadership

To provide your selected audience differentiated value whether to sell a product or service, build a subscriber base or to build your organization’s profile.

To enable your organization to engage with its selected audience through the delivery of content created to deliver value in solving problems or in providing sought after insights .

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Strategic Planning Support Services

Change and new ideas are often rejected in organizations or communities because they might conflict with existing, established models, or ways of doing things because of fear of the unknown or simply because the way things are done has never been questioned.

To help you  whether you are…

  • A community leader looking to improve well-being,

  • A marketer looking to identify and penetrate new markets,

  • Someone helping an organization look over the horizon for insights,

  • An economic development officer working on new business opportunities and partnerships, or,

  • A mentor instilling the values of sharing and collaboration.

ICN foresight workshops and seminars generate meaningful discussion of ways and means to prepare for challenges and opportunities which the future will bring and to promote collaborative activity aimed at meeting shared needs.

Participants gain a better perspective of the problem (s) and a fuller understanding of a broad range of potential solutions before determining goals and specific strategies. The workshops enable participants to evoke the images of what they hope to create, while respecting  values and cultural heritage.

An output of such workshops is the tabling of a framework that provides participants perspectives on vision, values, attitudes, behaviors, structures and concepts, all essential ingredients for the greater adaptability and acceptance of organization change and for the development a strategic implementation plan.

The resulting Framework report is in fact an adaptive planning framework for where your community or company is going and how to get there. It provides, leaders and others a central guideline for the community/ company that gives it direction and help shapes decision making.  It’s from these central guideline that will come specific next steps or action plan. However, given new circumstances, you can deviate from those specific next steps – while at the same time continuing to move in the right direction.

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Sustainability Programming

In today’s world where the focus of business practices is often on short term gain, it has become most difficult to build sustainability in programs. Whether, these programs are funded by government or the private sector most organizations have to think in one- or two-year cycles. It’s a reality that affects the delivery of sustainable programs needed by the community.

To survive this market place reality organizations and their leaders often have no option but to follow the trend. Once a budget is expanded on the project’s design, development and implementation, there is often no money available for long term sustainability. This long-term concept that uniquely addresses quality of life and efficiency concerns. Giving  no choice to organizations’ but to move-on, develop a new concept and chase new sources of funds.

However, thanks to ICN multimedia capacity and its experience in delivering online programs, live and on-demand across Canada, we are able to customized a cost-efficient solution to help your organization maintain a program’s sustainability.

The benefits of a customized solution, will also:

  • Provide your audience with greater benefits over lifetimes rather than one- or two-year cycles.

  • Your organization will benefit by enabling it to maintain its dialogue with its selected audience;

  • Enhance its relationships with its community of interest; and

  • Get feedback from people engaged with their program.

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Unused Surplus Capacity

Like all studios, we make use of our facilities and production equipment for a limited number of hours each week. Our surplus capacity is available to you, for example you may produce for $350 your short video or audio presentation using our Self-Help video service  

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