The Idea Connector Network (ICN) has, since 2011, produced online content for its own account ‘the Indigenous Entrepreneurship online community’.  In the last six years we have produced more than 450 video interviews, online panel discussions and radio programming. We have also produced numerous texts, e-books, e-newsletters and a quarterly e-magazine titled Aboriginal Women’s Economic Quarterly.
If you’re looking to engage your Brand with Indigenous Peoples and their communities …, we can help you reach some 25,000 people whether your goal is/are…

  • To place the spotlight on your corporate diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • To generate brand awareness among Aboriginal peoples and their communities
  • To highlight the power of your products and/or services.
  • To feature your corporation as an employer of choice.
  • To promote events, showcase services or transfers knowledge

Tell us what your brand’s goals are and we’ll customize a solution that will measure against your ROO (Return On Objectives) or against your IRI (Internal Rate of Return). The IRI best applies to objectives such as generating awareness for something or extending reach, etc.

From concept to delivery, we have everything needed to produce videos, audio podcasts, live stream and webinars that drive results. We can produce from our studios, at a distance and/or on location. We will tell your story in a way that educates, entertains and engages while driving viewers to action.


Our Reach

Our partner, Aboriginal Link distributes to its own network of more than 20,000 Email and Social Media subscribers (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) to the following demographic:

  • Aboriginal Governments, Administration, & Leadership
  • Federal & Provincial Government Departments (Aboriginal File)
  • Provincial & Territorial Organizations (PTO’s)
  • Regional Tribal Councils, Professional Organizations
  • National Organizations & Associations
  • College & Universities with programs of interest to Aboriginal Students
  • Education Authorities & Boards, Friendship & Cultural Centers
  • Aboriginal Employment Training, Placement & Counselling
  • Aboriginal Human Resource Development Agreement Holders (AHRDA)
  • Local Delivery Mechanisms Agents (LDM’s)
  • Economic Development & Finance Departments

ICN distributes to an additional 5,500 subscribers plus some 2,500 Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) — Our Psycho-graphic is as follows:

  • 53% are Female – 47% male
  • 70% own a business – 18 % work for an Aboriginal community business and 12% aspire to be an entrepreneur
  • Business owners 46% have 1 employee and 23% have no employees —  8% have 6 or more employees
  • 5% are less than 24 years of age – 24% are 25 to 40 year-of –age —  43% are 41 to 50 and 28% are 51 to 64
  • 5% have not completed high school – 40% have partial college or diploma – 55% have partial university or better
  • 5% live in a remote Aboriginal community, 25% in an Aboriginal community with road-access and 70% in urban centres
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