If you are looking to engage your Brand with Aboriginal peoples and their communities, or if you are an Aboriginal Leader looking to engage its community in some economic sector. We can help you:

  • business-is-aboutEngage your brand/community with selected peoples and organizations, generate awareness and build relationships of trust over time.

  • Identify opportunities needed to underpin joint business ventures.

  • Gain insights that will assist Corporate Executives and Aboriginal leaders to come together respectfully in a successful business venture.

Depending on your objectives and needs, ICN can deploy practical tools, research and programs that ultimately turn to action. For example:

Sponsorship is the keystone of marketing programs alongside advertising, sales promotion and public relations.  Sponsorship helps marketers move from passive communication to participatory and interactive dialogue with selected audience(s). It provides consumers with experience of what a company stands for.  Sponsorship is the only marketing platform available that is mutually beneficial to both the Brand and the selected audience(s) and communities.

There can be many reasons for companies to sponsor, e.g.: to increase brand loyalty; to create awareness and visibility; to reinforce image; to drive sales; to obtain social acceptability; to recruit and retain employees; and more. Whatever your Brand’s goal and objectives, if you are willing to give something back to benefit Indigenous peoples and their communities, we can design a solution that will meet your Brand’s needs.

Foresight Methods Using scenario planning to engage with an uncertain future. Whether  you are a strategic leader in a private sector organization looking  to develop  joint ventures with an Aboriginal community, or whether, you are an Aboriginal community leader looking  to expand the economic boundaries of your community  to generate new wealth while  respecting  the community’s culture  and traditions; We can help  you  develop a custom value-added framework specific to your needs, may it be.

  • To enhanced capacity to perceived change

  • To develop an understanding future trends,

  • To identify potential areas for  development,

  • To deliver  collaborative research  programs.

  • To influence on other actors and to enhanced capacity for community/organizational learning.

We work with organizations, large and small, which strive for excellence and innovation we have practical tools, research, and programs that turn foresight into the critical new insights that ultimately lead to action.


For more information or a free consultation, contact:

Guy Dancause, CCO, Idea Connector Network
Tel. 613.686.1190