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Building Business Ideas – Ep 01

In this series ICN host Steven Price explores with ICN Guy Dancause the creation of business ideas. In this first episode they do look into the history of innovation and how it has come about and evolved over time. You’ll learn how guardian angels where at on time made responsible for human inventiveness but that did changed with the Renaissance period that opened people’s eyes to see, understand and appreciate things that had previously been clouded by religion and...

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Aboriginal Innovation – Fresh Produce

Sponsored by: The Metlakatla village is a progressive community, located 5km north of Prince Rupert, on an ancient site occupied for thousands of years by the Metlakatla people. They have recently built a “Green House”, a community initiatives supported financially by the Prince Rupert Port Authority. ICN host Bob Crane talks with Heather Dudoward, Health coordinator for the Community and with Maynard Angus , Manager Aboriginal Affairs, Prince Rupert Port Authority, the local initiative combined with the port authority’s financial support now assures the community, the provision of fresh, healthy and affordable produce year long. Both Heather and...

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The Learning Curve – Being an Ally

Sandi Boucher: Beyond Myths The Learning Curve is a series of videos hosted by Sandi Boucher and produced by Shaw Community TV. Sandi lives in Thunder Bay, ON, she is a motivational speaker, an author and an activist. In this first episode she explains what the Learning Curve is about. Her aim is to share information with her guests and with the audience to encourage informed discussions between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. With her guests she’ll cover areas of concerns or misunderstanding, including Taxes Regalia, Education, Elders and much...

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