Canada’s path to reconciliation among Indigenous and non-Indigenous people is uncertain; obstructed by a variety of untrue biases and assumptions and an absence of shared understanding. Past events and abuses and broken promises provide a rich foundation for the poor levels of trust among Indigenous and between Indigenous and non-Indigenous, in great part because the latter have so little knowledge of the history of Canadian Indigenous’ experiences, and their culture and traditions. As well, for many decades, Canadian non-Indigenous people have been offered few reasons and even less opportunity to learn about Indigenous realities and appreciate both their  consequences and the costs to Canada as a whole.

In an effort to promote greater knowledge and shared understanding of Canadian Indigenous realities, and of what might be possible to deal with those most needing attention, David Harries and Denise Anne Boissoneau will host a series of on-line discussions with invited guests. Themes such as education, climate change and health will be explored in the context of Indigenous cultures and traditions, technology developments and the influences of national and international laws, treaties and relationships. The overarching aim is to produce insights into ways and means all Canadians can work together on shared concerns.