Boosting Indigenous Women’s Economic Engagement
Offering helpful advice and support

There are many benefits in increasing the number of Indigenous women launch their business start-up, as there are in increasing the number of Indigenous women in leadership positions.  Yet the barriers women must jump-over to realize their dream are often major and seemingly insurmountable.

The business support available to these women is often uneven and disconnected. Programs available to Indigenous women would-be business owners are typically short-term, community–based, and/or small-scale.   Indigenous women are in a significantly disadvantaged position; needing greater access to education, skill development, coaching, mentorship, access to funding.  Equally important, they must have ACCESS TO BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES to succeed.  And it would be advantageous for Indigenous women to launch their business from their home community.

As one means to help overcome their start-up obstacles, the Idea Connector Network/ Proteus Canada Institute is launching an initiative aimed at advancing Indigenous women in Business.  Our goal is to create a national-based Indigenous Women’s Business Start-up Circle.  This dedicated Indigenous entrepreneurial ecosystem (run by Indigenous women for women) will foster entrepreneurship among Indigenous women. We believe that Indigenous women entrepreneurs and leaders are key to improving women’s economic well being as that of their families and communities. As well it is key to driving Canada’s future economy.  We’ll work to ensure that as many Indigenous women as possible have what it takes to succeed in the workplace.

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