Membertou, Shalene Johnson,a mother of 4, works full-time, does volunteer work in her community and also owns a small e-commerce business.  She came to ICN with idea of launching her brick and mortar gift shop while growing  her e-commerce business. Having gone through the discover process, Shaylene was accepted as an Entrepreneurial Intern in ICN Blueprints for Success program.  We did a first online interview with Shaylene where she talked about her life and aspirations. That interview is available on ICN.

In this video, we have now moved to a another step, enabling Shaylene to explore her business idea with the help experienced entrepreneurs. More specifically with our panelists we are focusing on products       (buyers, selection of products, pricing, etc.) and on delivery (e-commerce considerations such as online experience free shipping, same day delivery and more).  Our invited entrepreneurs have also shared thoughs with Shaylene on her idea for a brick and mortar gift shop

Colby DeLorme, President, The Imagination Group – Calgary, AB
Jacques Pilon, Corporate President and Entrepreneur in Residence, the Launch Lab, Innovation Centre — Kingston On
Shaylene Johnson, ICN’s Blueprints for Success; Membertou, NS
Guy Dancause, ICN Host