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Join us in helping High School students discover missing knowledge about career opportunities and information needed to succeed in the workplace.

 Let your Brand bring significant meaning to the lives of Canada’s youth and you will benefit…

  • Careers Circle is a project that strikes a dialogue
    around your brand and product/services.

  • It’s a project that associates your brand to the powerCorporate Presentation
    of visual story telling.

  • It’s a two-way conversation between your brand and High School students on what’s important to them.

  • It’s an effective way to engage your brand as caring with students’ parents and educational stakeholders. And,

  • You will also benefit from a solution that saves you time and makes your job easier because it is delivered turn-key; not to mention that fellow workers will be appreciative for your Brand’s caring support to youth.                        To view more info on Careers Circle click here


Youth – especially those most at risk – need to have access to relevant and practical information in making decisions.  — Employers need to reach out to students earlier, during their high school years and communicate clear priorities to youth.


Here’s what McKinsey and Company found in its recent study:
Bridging Canada’s Path from Education to Employment

  • Canada’s Employers are less likely than those in other countries to have frequent interactions with “Education Providers”.

  • Most Canadian Education Providers don’t think their
    role is to help graduates find a job.

  • Four out of ten Employers will not hire recent graduates
    McKinsey PP Cover pageinto a first job because of the cost of training them.

  • 66% of Canada’s employers believe new graduates are unprepared for the workforce.

  • 56% of recent graduates agree, they are unprepared.

  • 83% of education providers believe graduates are well prepared for the work place
                        To view the McKinsey & Company presentation click here

The picture that emerges from the McKinsey research is one of confusion for young people. Employers and Educators are not aligned on what skills are important and should be emphasized.

At most 25% of graduates have experienced paid internship or coop while in college or university.

Consequently 60% of Canadian Youth say they have inadequate information when time comes to make choices.

 Idea Connector Network is launching Career Circle in May 2016,

Another ICN initiative to help address issues facing Indigenous and non-Aboriginal youth.

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