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 When we first started producing online content some 15 years ago we rapidly realized that in addition to our strong pioneer spirit we would need a huge dose of faith to deal with a temperamental Internet and cobbled equipment.   Thankfully all those issues have been worked out, we now have studios, specialized equipment and team members that have learned their craft in school. Thanks to progress we can now offer you a video solution starting at $350.00

In the last five years, content marketing has matured.  Video and audio content is now playing a major role in engaging ‘Brands’ with their audiences.  However, to capture minds in these busy times it’s important to produce and deliver content that is both VITAL AND RELEVANT to your brand’s target market.

A good approach is to offer your selected audience relevant content that helps produce solutions to some of the toughest problems the audience are facing. Doing so will enable you or your brand to assume a more important role in your prospective customers’ lives.

The more useful your content is as ‘food for thought’ to your selected audience(s) the better will be your audiences’ experience and the deeper will be their engagement with your brand

The key is to position yourself  or your brand  as a Thought Leader.  Whatever may be your corporate goals and objectives you need to develop a well-thought out strategy that leads to your positioning as a “trusted individual” or “firm” that prospects, clients, referral sources, intermediaries and even competitors recognize as one of the foremost authorities in your selected areas of specializationThought Leadership

To download ICN’s white paper on Thought Leadership  click here

As you become recognized as the go-to individual or organization for said expertise, you will enhance your competitive edge by gaining the most insights on your customers’ greatest concerns through a positive and proven process. However, to realize that level of achievement , you also need consistency, your brand must engage with its audience at regular intervals.

Whether your aim is to …

  •  Ignite your marketing — Through a two-way conversation.

  • Enhances your brand’s value — Engage YOUR BRAND and builds trust with your selected audiences.

  • Open your lines of communication — Create buzz.

  • Gives you a recruiting edge — Let your employees share their reasons for joining the company.

  • Help boost company morale  —  Positive online exposure can enhance the efforts of an entire company.

  • Helps maximize word-of-mouth referrals

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