Aboriginal Women and Girls Difference Maker Award 2016

Now is your chance to showcase your brand as a champion of Aboriginal Women’s success

The Idea Connector Network is looking across Canada for TEN Aboriginal women or girls who are making or have made a difference in other peoples’ lives.

The Idea Connector Network (ICN) has realized over the years that there are many remarkable successes and accomplishments among Canada’s Aboriginal peoples.  However, Aboriginal women’s success stories often remain hidden.

On Tuesday, November 8 2016 ICN and its e-magazine Aboriginal Women’s Economic Quarterly will celebrate the achievements of strong Aboriginal female leaders. Ten women and girls from across Canada will be recognized for making a significant positive difference in the lives of others.

The Award Winners will include women from all walks of life. Winners may include businesswomen, bureaucrats, teachers, the professions, academia, science, social services, medicine, among others. They may be employed by large or small corporations “Aboriginal or not)” public sector organizations, the not-for-profit sector, or they may be volunteers or students. What the Award winners will have in common is their strong contribution to their organizations, their fields of endeavor and/or their communities.

 Your Brand benefits by association

  • Enhance ‘Brand’ awareness

  • Showcase and strengthen your organization as a leader in the advancement and recognition of Aboriginal women and girls.

  • Celebrate the achievements of strong Aboriginal female leaders.

  • Provide your organization the opportunity to engage with Aboriginal people and their communities.

  • Complement your existing diversity and inclusion initiatives with a reputable external provider, ICN.



  • One Award Winner, one sponsor.

  • In total there will be ten Aboriginal Women and Girls selected as Difference Maker Award Winners


Leading to the public recognition event of Wednesday October 5, 2016, the following activities will take place. Publishing will take place on the day of the event and over an extended period of up to eleven months post-event (depending on the material).

A Unique Landing Page

embedded on the ICN website for 12 months. Includes:

  • A few pictures associated with your brand;

  • A short narrative on your brand and a link to your website site;

  • Short answers to 5 questions, (examples: What is your signature product/service? What is the secret of your company’s success? What is your Brand’s contribution to the community?

Feature on your Difference Maker Award Winner and a link to her presentation page.

 An e-Book

A 20 page plus e-book, one page dedicated to your brand and a second page profiling your Difference Maker Award Winner, including photo of your brand’s representative and a short audio of winner’s acceptance and gratitude to sponsor.

Cover page may be changed to reflect your brand and winner, enabling its e-distribution to your clients and stakeholders.

 Video Montage

Including backdrop narrative and music, introduction of each sponsor and their brand and their award winner. Plus call to action  and link available to sponsor and communities and others

Aboriginal Women’s Economic Quarterly (AWEQ)

For the period September 2016 to August 2017 your logo will be included on the sponsor page of our digital magazine AWEQ with the following message: The publishing of this magazine is made possible thanks to the support of ….

One page of the magazine will be made available to publish a message of your choice (no politics or religion).  AWEQ will provide you with its specs and the sponsor will be responsible to provide its art work ready for publishing.

Video and Audio Interviews

 Each Award Winner will be interviewed on video, we will invite the person to speak on topic areas like: her youth and upbringing, what made her into a difference maker, what pleasure is she getting from it, her career path, her vision of the future, etc.

A bio-style article, plus a short narrative will be written on your Award Winner, embedded will be the video interview – your logo will be featured with the article and credit will be given to your brand for sponsoring the initiative. Each article and video will be promoted and published on ICN Women’s Sharing Circle first and a few weeks later on You Tube.

At the front end of the interview, the following message will be embedded “This interview of the ICN Difference Maker Award Winner is made possible thanks to our sponsor Your Brand’s Name.” — Between the second and third question to the award winner, listeners will be reminded that “this production is made possible thanks to your brand’s name.”

The audio of each video interview will be extracted, adapted and made available as a series of audio interviews (MP 3s ready to be played) to Aboriginal Radio stations located across Canada.

Production of audio Clips

From each interview we will extract one key question and answer.

These clips will be used as standalone and call to action on social media.

As well, a compendium of these clips will be post-produced as an e-book, titled: “Ten essential ingredients to feeling pleasure in myself and surrounding.”

Your logo on the plaque awarded

Your Difference Maker Award Winner will receive…

A congratulatory letter bearing both your Brand and ICN’s logos and the signature of each of its representative plus a personalized plaque and a $150 pre-paid credit card presented as a “Treat Yourself” gift.


  • Numerous E-mail blasts …

  • ICN’s digital newsletter, published twice per week reaches some 7,000 subscribers.

  • Federal/ Provincial/ Territorial Indigenous Women’s Associations (some 100,000 + Indigenous women);

  • 633 Aboriginal communities across Canada (approx. 575 with High Speed Internet),

  • Federal Parliamentarians;

  • Government Officials;

  • Press Releases

  • Social Media (some 2,000 followers of ICN) Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

  • Publication releases

  • Repurposing of content YouTube.

Opportunities for your downloadable objects

Opportunity to provide links to your brand’s white paper or other downloadable digital object from your ICN landing page.

Sponsorship Fee

The focus of your sponsorship will be the recognition of an Aboriginal woman or girl for having or for making a significant difference in others’ lives.  She will be recognized and awarded the Difference Maker Award for a specific category.

The fee is $3,000 plus HST

For more information or a FREE consultation

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