CN offers organizations a unique strategic communication solution designed to build bridges of engagement and dialogue with Aboriginal people in Canada through dynamic video and content. Solutions that helps showcase our partners’ Brand, the values it stands for, and that establishes a dialogue.

Today there is call for social change in the relations between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Canadians. Sponsoring ICN’s programming fulfils marketer’s need to move from passive communication to participatory and interactive media.

Whether your goal is to share key entrepreneurial initiatives, to introduce a product or service, to demonstrate the strength of its organization for recruiting purposes, or to foster measurable dialogue with selected audiences, ICN has a solution. When sponsoring an ICN initiative we will partner with you, and help you realize your corporate goals while enhancing Aboriginal peoples entrepreneurship capabilities, to help them strengthen their families and communities economic wellbeing.

As a sponsor your brand will become a catalyst for “Change” in harmony with the “Truth and Reconciliation Commission”.

Let’s explore how working together as partners could help both our organizations achieve new height