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After many conversations over the years with Aboriginal leaders and corporate executives we saw a need existed for a method to be used by Aboriginal communities and thumbnail of Report ICN Frameworkorganizations for initiating durable collaboration with non-Aboriginal companies and organizations, and vice-versa.

For that reason, your Idea Connector team is pleased to offer this Framework. We hope that you will find it useful in identifying and exploiting opportunities for the establishment of the strong relationships needed to underpin successful joint business ventures.

To view the scenario or to download or print click on the report

 Whether you’re a leader looking to mobilize a struggling community, a marketer looking to penetrate a new market, a strategic leader looking to help an organization look over the horizon or an economic development officer looking to develop new business opportunities and partnerships.

ICN has practical tools and programs that turn foresight into critical new insights that ultimately lead to action.
Explore new and different opportunities in light of today’s marketplace realities, while protecting against threats to community values, business risks and unforeseen circumstances.

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