The Proteus board’s effective leadership is entrusted to three independent individuals with deep management experience.  They are:

David Harries, Ph.D., P.Eng. – Director/ President
David has worked in the public and private sectors as a senior military officer, as a consultant in personal and corporate security, and as a senior advisor and professor in heavy engineering, humanitarian aid, post-conflict/post-disaster response and recovery, executive development, and university education. His current focus is on research, curriculum development, teaching and facilitation of strategic foresight related to security and resilience. He is Fellow of the World Academy of Arts and Science, Chair of Canadian Pugwash and head of its Foresight Committee, a member of the Board of Directors of the Global Initiatives Project,  and associate executive director of Foresight Canada.

Jacques Pilon — Director
Jacques is a Metis born Entrepreneur, with 25-years of experience as an entrepreneur. Much of his entrepreneurship experience has been in the Telecommunications sector, Manufacturing of specialized high end audio, Finance and Investments in Technology and Commodities. As well he is invested in a Mortgage Corporation. Jacques is also the Entrepreneur in Residence at the launch Lab Innovation Centre, located in Kingston, Ontario.

James Leveque – Director/ Treasurer
James is a Métis born Communicator. Following a career in the Canadian Armed forces, James held a number of increasingly senior positions in Canada’s federal government, as well as serving as Chief of Staff to a Minister and to the Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons. James also spent several years in Parliament’s Other Place as a Senior Political Advisor to a now-retired Senator. On the Hill, within departments and agencies and working with clients in the not-for-profit and private sectors, James has gained a strong background in government policy, legislation and regulatory processes. James is also a former President of the National Press Club of Canada, founding President of the National Press Club of Canada Foundation, and founding President of the Proteus Canada Institute where he currently serves as Treasurer.

 Advisory Committee

Dwight A. Dorey, MA – Chair of the Advisory Committee
Dwight is from the Mi’kmaq First Nation, born in rural Nova Scotia and now residing in Cole Harbour, NS. He is of mixed Mi’kmaq and European ancestry and for his first 30 years lived as a Non-Status Indian.  He first became an active member with the Ontario Métis and Non-Status Indian Association in 1975 while living and working in Toronto. In 1977 he moved back to Nova Scotia where he was first elected as Vice President of the Métis & Non-Status Indian Association of Nova Scotia (presently known as the Native Council of Nova Scotia). Dwight has been an activist for Aboriginal rights for well over 35 years and has been elected 4 times to national office at CAP/NCC (a standing record). He also was elected and served for many years as provincial Chief and President, in addition to being elected as a band councillor after gaining status in 1986. He has been an intervener and observer at numerous United Nations forums and the Organization of American States as well as a lecturer on human rights at various North American institutes of higher learning. Dwight, as a board member of NCC (Native Council of Canada), also held a vice-chair position of NCC’s Constitutional Committee during the First Minister’s Conferences on Aboriginal Constitutional Rights. He currently works as a consultant on Indigenous issues with his federally incorporated consulting firm ABCAN Affairs Group, now in its 11th year of business. Dwight is also a proud recipient of the Aboriginal Order of Canada.