Individual Woman

Are you an Aboriginal or a non-Aboriginal woman willing to share your unique experiences in travelling the path to success?

We at the Idea Connector Network (ICN) have committed our unique platform to help entrepreneurial Aboriginal women and girls’ progress,perform, excel and achieve their dreams.  But we can’t do it alone. We need the help of women that have achieved success and who are willing to share their knowledge and experience to help Aboriginal women and girls interested in business entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship or to launch a new career.

ICN’s objective is to help Aboriginal women and girls who have the will and the desire to move forward in their career and achieve success through the exchange of ideas.

There are many ways for you to help: you can contribute your experience and knowledge, you can spend as little as 10 minutes per week to share a thought in ICN’s Coffee Room or you may contribute a few hours a month from the comfort of your office or home, by writing an article or participating in an online interview responding to “how-to” questions. You may also participate as a subject expert in online panel discussions, etc. all to help Aboriginal women and girls make informed decisions.

If you are willing to step-up and act as a role model and take part in a new online initiative focused on creating a supportive peer to peer (P2P) network with these Aboriginal Women and girls.

   Fill the short form to join us  click      join-us-blue

We’ll connect you and other entrepreneurial non-Aboriginal and Aboriginal women and girls together, so you may:

Brainstorm with one another;

Gain knowledge, inspiration, and energy from one another;

Learn through expert panels about the feasibility of their ideas; and,

Be inspired to go from dreaming to launching an opportunity.

Soon after you fill out the form you will receive a welcome e-mail from ICN.  It will include a list suggesting various ideas on how you might contribute to the transfer of knowledge. By registering, you’ll also receive invitations to participate in all webinars and online discussions.

Not sure that you should contribute to this important network?  — Remember, we are not asking you for money, however, we are asking for you to contribute a few minutes or a few hours each month to help Aboriginal women and girls take their rightful place in Canada.  Still not sure? Well, think of this…

Imagine, if you had been born in different circumstances without support, resources or mentorship how would you have traveled the path to success?  Register now!  This is a project where YOU CAN make a difference.

The Idea Connector Network, is a social enterprise. Since 2011, ICN has been producing and publishing content focused on supporting entrepreneurial Aboriginal peoples.  All our content is distributed across Canada at no cost to end users. We have some 7,000 subscribers and a following on social media. Over the years, we have financed our work through a combination of government contributions, corporate support and volunteer effort.

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