In the last year, we’ve presented at regular intervals in ICN’s Insights and News various innovations and ideas recently introduced into the market place.  Our readership statistics have indicated the popularity of this column. We’ve also had viewers asking for more content that helps spark ideas.

On this page you’ll find innovative ideas that are being introduced into the market place and articles on ways to successfully create, refine and bring new ideas to market.  If you see some great ideas somewhere, drop us a note with details and picture, we’ll be please to publish it. Send to


Article: Finding Out-of-the-Box Solutions, by Guy Dancause — Frugal innovation is not just about doing more with less … to view more/ Finding Solutions  

Tyer Technology

Innovation Idea: How mimicking nature solves one of our most pressing problems: Reducing Carbon Emission. The Hummingbird is one of the world’s most energetically- efficient flyers.  Click to view…/ Wind Energy

 Article: Eureka! A New Idea  — Generating  new ideas.To be published Feb 15