NIWEE = National Indigenous Women Entrepreneurs Ecosystem
In the last year and a half. We have explored how Indigenous women interested in Entrepreneurship could be better supported in launching and growing their business. We’ve used mechanism such as a Concept Testing, One-On-One Consultations,  Survey, Scanning of Reports, to explore the related issues.

Over time the research was brought down to one overarching question:  What if … a collaborative Indigenous Entrepreneurial Ecosystem was created to develop, build capacity and provide better support to aspiring Indigenous women Entrepreneurs?” using Foresight methods with the help of two panels of Indigenous women entrepreneurs from across Canada we then went-on to explore the big questions and sixteen sub-questions.

Panel no 1 Full discussion duration, 1:18 hrs


Panel no 1 Synopsis of the discussion, duration 10:30 min. 

To Access the Complete Report: “A Framework for Creating an Indigenous Women Entrepreneurs Ecosystem” click on Report