Looking Ahead at the Big Issues
Imagining New Futures 
for Metis people and non-Status Indians in an Inclusive Canada

April 14, 2016 the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) handed down one of the country’s most important decisions affecting some 650,000 Métis and Non-status Indians (MNSI) across the country.  The Crown now clearly has a fiduciary duty towards both groups of people.

The Project Overview

To conceptualize this new vision, there is a need for reflection beyond technical and legalistic considerations.  Proteus Canada Institute (Proteus), in collaboration with the Idea Connector Network intends to bring together Métis and Non-Status Indians (MNSI) and non-Aboriginal people who are active as business people, academics, unions, artists, journalists, teachers, clergy people, members of citizen groups and local members of the Proteus Advisory Committee to take part in a series ofthumbnail of Project Imagining New Futures Final . Jun 5, 2017 R
five symposia.

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To ensure maximum efficiency and as broad a cross Canada reach as possible, two of the events will take place from ICN’s video studio located in Ottawa and town-hall type meetings will be held in the Cities of Halifax, Edmonton and Kamloops.   All events will be video cast across Canada in real time and online, inviting all interested parties to access these symposia at no cost and to share their thoughts through via such means as chat, social media, etc. Discussions will be encouraged using evolutionary and innovative foresight methods.

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Guy Dancause, CCO
Proteus Canada Institute
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