Self-Serve Short Video Production                                           $350.00 plus HST                                                    
Self-serve short video production is an excellent tool for the hands-on type of person, with low-budgets and looking to produce promotional videos, i.e. a welcoming message to your association’s new members; the promotion of a product launch or a product/service sale by a small business or the announcement of an upcoming event. 

It can be used for most anything that requires impact. It’s a 90 to 120 second succinct video message with a call to action (that is equivalent to approximately a half-a-page typed in Word or 250 words)

It’s an ideal solution for generating buzz about your organization or small business.

How it works?

You start by filling the form below, we will then phone you to get acquainted but also to answer any preliminary questions you may have. We will follow-up by sending a short digital form where you will share your vision, identify your objectives, your selected audience (s), your preferences of colours and a few other logistical questions). You will return the form with your payment.  We accept payment through Paypal.

Once payment is received, ICN will book two hours of studio time at a day and time agreed for your production. The production may be in our studio located in Ottawa, or we can capture your message from our studio using distance technologies while you sit in your office.

The ICN studio is fully equipped and it comes with an experienced studio technician. He will set up the necessary lighting and operate all equipment including sound, mixing board and cameras.  

The production may be of various styles, i.e. talking head, images and voice over and it may include a mix including the embedding of your own short video clip. It will reinforce your message. 

What’s needed from you?

If applicable — your final written video and audio script.

If applicable — Story board, graphics, images and short video clip, to be embedded in your new video production.

If applicable – ICN will provide you from its supply at no cost stock digital music for backgrounder. Should you require custom music, you will supply it at no cost to ICN. We will also need proof of license or of right-of-use.

If applicable – the voiceover recording of your voice or the outsourced voice over.  ( is a low cost source to have your voice over produced – however, you still need to script it)

You provide — your branding images, such as your logo, team picture, event picture, etc. ICN will embed your logo as a watermark in your video production.

AND – ICN will provide you with a short ‘Do’s and Don’ts Guide’, a series of Tips to maximize the use of your  studio time; and create a video that has impact. Your finished project will be delivered on a memory stick, enabling you to use it as you see fit.

Please note: ICN has made the process as simple and as low cost as possible with the use of a professional studio and a professional technician. However, for your project to have impact, it’s important for you to invest a few hours of your time in planning and in writing a well-rounded script with a call to action.  

For more information or a FREE consultation

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