We can’t predict the future, but we can certainly explore it…

 Our world is changing radically, between technological advances and social revolutions the next decade will bring massive changes in the way we work, learn and play.

We have to rethink the assumptions that drive our decisions. Many Indigenous leaders see their crucial issues as the need for education, infrastructures, community sustainability and the need to tap in the urban reality. Businesses leaders and development officers will often see the rapid changes brought by technological advances, the need for resources, for skilled labour and for capital as their crucial issues, not to mention competition.

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Despite the increasingly rapid pace of changes that all communities across the world are facing, we shouldn’t discard experience and social structures, but rather augment  them and adapt them to what we can see happening right ahead of us, while protecting cultural heritage.

True we must think differently about strategy, governance, constructing economic development plans, approaching markets, developing alternative solutions and allocating resources.  But to develop sustainable solutions is tougher than ever. Navigating in today’s landscape is far from being straight forward.

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Whether you are looking to:

  • Develop a new economic framework supported by the community members and its partners.

  • Explore the positive and negative a major development projects could have long term on the community’s sustainability, its environment, its wellbeing, its institutions, etc.

  • Prepare for negotiation of an agreement and wish to have a vision of potential impact, risks, measurable benefits. 

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  • Acquire a better understanding of probable future outcomes and potential challenges in realizing your objectives while building consensus towards a shared vision.

The Idea Connector Network (ICN) can help you navigate the landscape and build consensus in the process. We do so with the use of inclusive human filter processes that leads to finding solutions that are mutually agreeable.

ICN organizes foresight workshops and seminars to generate meaningful discussion.  We make use of dialogue Delphi exercises and scenario planning techniques to expose and explore the threats and opportunities of today’s and emerging realities all the while accounting for the client’s culture, values, and aspirations.

Delphi methods offers many benefits, including the ability to obtain expert opinion, build consensus, determine the suitability of the application of instructional interventions, forecast trends, and interact with research subjects without being limited by time and space.

To view an example of how it works, download ICN Framework project click here

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