Meet the Entrepreneur

Jacques Pilon

Jacques Pilon Metis born businessman, 25-years as an entrepreneur, President of Corporations and Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Launch Lab Innovation Centre, Kingston, ONICN Entrepreneur Logo.

As an impressible youth Jacques was influenced to become an entrepreneur by three people: Author Ayn Rand, grocery store owner Gerry Light and a salesman named Ron.

In this video discussion with ICN Guy Dancause, Jacques talks about his start as an entrepreneur and about the challenges and opportunities found along his entrepreneurial path.                                                                                                                                                     To View …/ What it Means to be an Entrepreneur


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ICN is launching a new series of 6 business talks The Entrepreneur,  will be live talks featuring Jacques Pilon.  Every second Tuesday starting  April 18 Jacques will explore  the Art of the Start , in short he’ll discuss with you and his guests what it take to turn your idea into action?

Tuesday April 18 at 1:00 pm EDT  

Topic: Increasing your Small Business Chance of Success: Measuring Progress , Knowing when to Pivot from your Current Strategy

What you’ll learn: Why talk about Measuring Progress and Pivoting at the very start of the Entrepreneur’s series, you may ask  — “Because if you’re like most entrepreneurs you are spending your own hard earn money to finance the early stage of your startup —  realizing that money burns fast,  you need to test hypotheses and start generating cash as early as possible”.  Consequently, time is of essence.

Mark the following The Entrepreneur  dates on your calendar 

Tuesday May 2nd, 1 pm EDT

Tuesday May 16, 1 pm EDT

Tuesday May 30, 1 pm EDT

Tuesday June 13, 1 pm EDT

Tuesday June 27, 1 pm EDT