Unused Surplus Capacity 

Like all studios, we make use of our facilities and production equipment for a limited number of hours each week.Our studio is available to you for as little as $350. so you may produce your own short promo video or radio message.

  • You develop your own script and book a time with ICN.

  • If wished we will provide you with our comments and suggestion or your script to maximize its impact.

For your production, ICN will provide you with the use of  our studio,  cameras, lighting, audio as well ICN’s qualified videographer will operate all equipment enabling you to focus on your production.

$350.00 will buy you two hours of our time which includes some time for minor post production.

For more information or a FREE consultation

Send e-mail to:     info.@ideaConnector.net
or phone:               Guy Dancause, CCO, ICN Tel. 613.686.1190 ext. 101
or Fill the form below

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