Women’s Group

The Idea Connector Network (ICN) is looking for women’s groups interested in partnering in helping Aboriginal women and girls achieve their goals.  We are looking for groups constituted of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal successful business and/or professional women who share in the idea that women’s economic inclusion is a pathway to large-scale poverty alleviation and wide-ranging improvements in health and social development for women, their families and communities.


Being smart doesn’t guarantee opportunities for a better life. Although a number of Aboriginal women are successful as doctors, lawyers, teachers, scientists, business women, and so on, their success is not representative of most Aboriginal women. There are a variety of factors holding back many Aboriginal women, making following their dreams for themselves and their families tough.

That’s why we are reaching out and inviting your group and your members to participate in a new Peer-to-Peer (P2P) network intended to facilitate the team up of Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal women willing to interact, collaborate and share their knowledge and experience with Aboriginal women and girls looking for know-how to help them explore their dream ideas and discover paths leading to and realizing an opportunity.
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Groups can encourage their members to take an active role online by sharing their knowledge and experience to help Aboriginal women and girls interested in business entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship or to launch a new career.  Your members’ participation may take many forms, including: participating in online group discussions, providing short articles or interviews, answering “how-to” questions in our online forum, etc. all to help Aboriginal women and girls make informed decisions.

As a collaborative partner with ICN we will provide your group the opportunity to be profiled on video as well as provide opportunities for your members  to expand their personal profile on the national scene, through interviews and panel discussions.

Thank you for your interest

Chantal Fraser
ICN Director of Women’s Content