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Women’s Leadership

Is Aboriginal women’s leadership different than men’s style of leadership? Sheila Isaac, Program Manager for Indigenous Women in Community Leadership at the Coady International Institute of St Francis Xavier University, shares her view on the subject. She also briefly outlines three case studies from across Canada showing how Aboriginal women have provided leadership to improve their own lives and the lives of their...

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Government Perspectives on the Role of Aboriginal Women in Resource Development

In this fourth and last part of this series our panelists are exploring through the lens of governments’ perspectives issues like, what legislative measures are needed to ensure a fair share of future job by Aboriginal women What might be useful in stimulating collaboration and cooperation in workplaces? What could be done to entice companies to be more pro-actively supportive of Aboriginal...

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Women’s Panel

Learn to use your leadership abilities to become a successful  entrepreneurs and grow your business. Connect With Sheila Isaac, Anne Noonan,  Julie Pelletier,  Nicole Robertson, Tracy Scarlett in a panel discussion with women from across Canada. Engage A live online panel discussion directly from the Aboriginal  Entrepreneurs Conference and Trade Show. Share Women’s Panel from Idea on Vimeo The choice is yours, listen in, share your thoughts or ask questions about: Leveraging leadership skills Overcoming obstacles, stereotypes,challenges;  in business and in life Tips, best practices, and...

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