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Author Sandi Boucher

Hello you!

As another week and this new year begins, I thought of you and wondered how many of us have “drawn a line” or more, how many of us should …

She is lost in thought as she stares at the ground. Slowly she bends, chalk in hand, and draws a line dividing herself from the one she loves. She has drawn the line.She ponders it, knowing that he will try to drag her across it, into his chaos, into his upset, into his anger, into his world but she cannot go. She cannot go.She turns and looks at the people and the places and things in her world, on her side of the line. She has worked so hard to keep this a place of sanctuary, of peace. At times chaos erupts on this side of the line as well, but it is her chit that hits the fan in those cases and she is getting better at taking ownership and responsibility for those occurrences.But she can’t get dragged across that line anymore, even if she loves him, for she cannot be made to rescue him. It is not her place. His world is his cross to bear, the garden he planted – his responsibilities, his actions, his consequences. She knows she can’t get upset just because he is. She can’t be mad just because he is. She can’t ruin her day just because he is having a bad one … and she shouldn’t have to.

She is lost in thought as she stares at the ground. Slowly she turns away from the chalk line and stares at her garden. Perhaps she will plant more flowers today. Maybe she will read a book.

All she knows for certain is that today she will enjoy her sanctuary and instead of crossing that line, she will choose to pray. She will pray that one day soon he decides to create his own sanctuary, next to hers, so that they can both enjoy the flowers.

Be well my friend!

Sandi Boucher, Owner
Traditionally Speaking .ca Indigenous Speaker’s Network