Meet ICN Entrepreneurial Intern Deborah Green, a proud Cree Woman from the Kawacatoose First Nation in Saskatchewan.  Deborah became inspired to pursue her career in diversity, being an Indigenous woman experiencing the barriers to mainstream society in her life in areas such as equal opportunity employment, career development, society, and cultural differences.  This motivated her to ensure her career helped Indigenous people become successful and pursue their dream careers, embrace education, and eliminate barriers.

Deb has now decided to venture into her own consulting business. She was selected as an Entrepreneurial Intern in ICN’s Blueprints for Success program. Consequently we will produce a series of live online panel discussions with the help of experienced entrepreneurs. Topics related to operating a successful consulting business will be explored with Deb. The first panel discussion will take place April 10. Watch for your invitation.

Deborah Green
Corporate Cree Consultants
ICN Entrepreneurial Intern