Aboriginal Women and Girls Difference Maker Award

While Award sponsors are most welcomed — Nominations may be made by anyone, conditional to nominees meeting one of the following criteria:

1. Exemplifies or exemplified leadership in one of the following fields:

i.       Education & Mentorship
ii.     Health and Wellness                                                   
iii.    Arts Culture & Heritage
iv.    Sports & Recreation
v.      Volunteer
vi.     Entrepreneurial (Social or Business)
vii.   Business
viii.  Science & Technology
ix.    Research
x.     Environment.

2. Shows or showed unselfish dedication to others

3. Inspired to achieve their best;

4. Increased capacity in her organization and/or her community; and

5. Was recognized by others for her outstanding contribution.


 The Idea Connector Network’s (ICN) ‘Difference Makers Award’ program is designed to recognize, with the support of sponsors, selected Aboriginal women and girls from across Canada who have made a significant positive difference in   the lives of others.

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The sponsorship opportunity is offered at a cost of $3,000 to organizations, communities and corporations interested in shining a light on an Aboriginal woman or girl who has shown leadership and has worked tirelessly to help others.

Note: You do not need to be a sponsor in order to nominate a woman or girl of your choice.

ICN prompts public awareness through its outreach and promotional activities of the sponsor’s nominee as an Award winner in her category. Recognizing publicly the winner’s significant contribution and the support received from the sponsor.

As a sponsor you will benefit from ICN’s unique marketing/PR platform for both your Brand and Indigenous people and their communities.

The names of all Award winners will be made public Tuesday November 8, 2016

To view what added value your organization will benefit as a sponsor  

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