JOIN US the Idea Connector Network (ICN) in helping High School students (Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth) discover missing knowledge about career opportunities and information needed to succeed in the workplace.

Why Sponsor?

Here’s what McKinsey and Company found in its recent study: “Bridging Canada’s Path from Education to Employment”

  • Canada’s Employers are less likely than those in other countries to have frequent interactions with “Education Providers”.

  • Most Canadian Education Providers don’t think their role is to help graduates find a job.

  • Four out of ten Employers will not hire recent graduates into a first job because of the cost of training them.

  • 66% of Canada’s employers believe new graduates areMcKinsey Study Youthtantially less well than non-Indigenous when it comes to accessing relevant and practical information for making career choice decisions.

  • 83% of education providers believe graduates are well prepared for the work place

           To view the McKinsey & Company presentation click here      

 What you get as a sponsor?

Although we are still at the tip of the iceberg, we can already see how disruptive forces are:

  • Affecting what were highly successful corporate business models;

  • Generating new global competition from places we couldn’t have imagine not so long ago;

  • Bringing huge changes thanks to rapid advances in technology to most fields shaping our economic future;

  • Lifting out of poverty billions of people.  These people are now morphing into billions of new consumers with discretionary funds, capable of purchasing huge volume of products and services.

These trends will force Canadian companies in the next decade to overhaul their organizational structures, their talent strategy and their operating practices to reflect new global shifts. To survive and strive in a highly competitive global race, companies will need access to a talent pool that is educated and has the right soft-skills, that is nimble and familiar with the broader workings of the world. They will need young people who have imagined their lives and careers being played out in a global context.

In addition to the ever increasing complexity of the world, a picture that emerges from the McKinsey research is one of confusion for young people. Employers and Educators are not aligned on what skills are important and should be emphasized, if not companies must get ready to spend more time and money to recruit new employees and in training them.

If Canada’s is to grow its GDP employers will need to be more than bystanders until graduation time. Interactions between Brands and High School students, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth are needed. The dialogue also needs to be extended to educators and parents. For those many reasons and base on our experience in designing and implementing national youth programs the Idea Connector Network (ICN) proposes its newest program Career Circle.

Your Brand will benefit from

  • Engaging in a two-way conversation with High School sCareer Circle Web pres May 1, 2016o take place

  • Positioning as a company as caring about Canada’s growth, its communities and the future of its people

  • The use of tools such as MP3, talks on topics of interest to youth (i.e. social responsibilities), games and prize winning events.

  • A turn-key delivered project; not to mention that fellow workers will be appreciative for your Brand’s caring support to youth, their kids.

          To download the Careers Circle package click here

Please Note:  Idea Connector Network will be launching Career Circle in October 2016,

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