We have been building the Aboriginal Entrepreneurship online community at the Idea Connector Network since 2011. Over the years you’ve provided us feedback on your experience with your online community and we’ve responded by tweaking the delivery of content. We also heard you say that our content should become more inspirational, better aligned to your interest in business and social entrepreneurship or in starting a new career. That challenge caused us to pause and rethink some of our assumptions, to consult and to reimagine a better path to the delivery of know-how and information. After a period of reflection:

  • We have adopted a new ICN vision statement: “Live Your Dream”.

    • An expression of shared aspiration with Aboriginal peoples looking to break-down barriers and improve their economic well-being; and,

    • ICN’s beacon, guiding us in fulfilling our audiences and stakeholders’ needs.

  • We have revamped some of our programming activities. We will deliver more live productions:

    • Bringing experienced entrepreneurs and subject experts to play a greater role in inspiring our audience with useful knowledge and how-to information. We’ll enable you to join these live discussions, ask questions and share your thoughts.

  • We will produce new features:

    • Blueprints for Success — to help connect Aboriginal women and girls with experienced entrepreneurs and other experts to turn ideas into opportunities.

    • Business Talk – to explore industry verticals, market trends, opportunities and innovations.

  • We will increase Foresight research activities like our most recent project, produced in collaboration with the Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC) on the need for creating an Aboriginal Women’s Health Research Centre.

We will invite more organizations to join us in collaborative partnerships so that together we can have a better take on the rapidly changing forces that are shaping Aboriginal communities and peoples and deliver food for thought that has greater impact on helping people break down barriers whether they live in remote, rural or urban settings. We will invite successful individuals to join us and share their thoughts and experiences with our audience.

As a first step, it gives us great pleasure to provide you today a new revamped ICN e-magazine “Aboriginal Women’s Economic Quarterly” complete with an insert “Framework on creating an Aboriginal Women’s Health Research Centre”. This issue is focused on Aboriginal women’s health and the inequity in services, programs and policy.

Please continue to provide us with your feedback,

Guy Dancause, CCO