Meet Esther Stewart

This FN woman from northern BC has a dream, to startup a home business sewing and embroidery Aboriginal custom design shop. To produce modern day clothing that incorporates designs from various collaborating First Nation artists from across Canada.

Esther has been working on her dream for a few years, as a first step to prepare the launching of her dream business and to help master her craft she has completed a formal seamstress course.

The next event with Esther, will take place Tuesday March 21, she will  be given the opportunity to explore her business idea further with ICN panelists, Aboriginal Fashionista Angela DeMontigny and Metis born entrepreneur Jacques Pilon.

To learn more about Esther or about the next panel discussion visit Esther’s landing page on this site, and view her video interview.

Esther Stewart
ICN’s Entrepreneurial Intern
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