Launching a business often means working long hours to reach success. For many entrepreneurs, success has come after experiencing years of trial and error only then have they been able to figure out the secrets to success. In fact what they’ve done is learn on the job, persevere through highs and lows and acquired knowledge and have developed best practices as they moved forward.

What are your prospects as a future entrepreneur? You may be looking for a good idea — if you have a business idea you may not know its value since it hasn’t been validated by paying customers — you may not have any start-up capital — you may lack knowledge on the art of entrepreneurship?   But, are these shortfalls truly a show stopper? The short answer is “it depends on your state of mind”.

So what can you do to get started?  Firstly, you need to earn an income as fast as possible. If you have a job, you have an advantage keep it while getting things rolling.  If you don’t have a job, start by selling something, either way, you’ll need to get sales going early in your start-up.

if you are uncertain as to what should be your business or if you don’t have the needed start-up capital, or you lack knowledge and don’t know what to sell … start by selling anything. And while you are selling acquire knowledge as needed, build up your credit, and prepare to launch your future business., but don’t stop selling, as the future CEO of your own enterprise you may at some point in the future end with a crew in marketing and sales, but you will always be the number one salesperson in your organization

Remember that many of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs haven’t sold anything new. They have been selling it different or better:

  • Sam Walton (Wal Mart) sold the same things that you could find at any five and dime or corner convenience stores.
  • Howard Schultz (Starbuck) sold coffee.
  • Oprah took doing interviews to a new level, by connecting people to idea and stories so they could see themselves and lead better lives.

A number of Indigenous Entrepreneurs started their business by selling something to launch their own successful businesses.

Go ahead and sell something. Anything.

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