Canada’s economy was primarily resourced based for many decades, but times have changed because of globalization and technology acceleration Canada’s modern economy is now service industry based.  Most Canadians are employed by the service industry. The service industry also offers many opportunities for innovative thinkers to launch new business start-ups. Here is a list of 10 small business ideas for 2018.

1. E-Commerce — is growing fast paced throughout the world, look around you, see the brick and mortar stores closing all around us – what’s replacing them are the large choice of products with (often) better pricing for consumer or business needs. Not to mention shopping free of hassle and quick delivery door-to-door whether buying something next door or from Europe or Asia.

2. Pets Business — People love their pets in fact the majority of households own at least one pet. These proud owners can spend a lot of money in pampering and taking care of their pets. It’s why the pet industry is very much a growing industry made up of the products and services that keep these pets alive, healthy and happy – food, toys, daycare, training, beds, cages, medical services and a lot more.

3. Tourism — While hotel and air travel represents a good chunk of tourists’ spent It doesn’t mean that most tourist spend most of their time locked in  their hotel room. In fact tourists are looking for new experiences, see things that are different, enjoy new food experiences. Indigenous peoples in Canada have a unique opportunity to offer 2 or 3 day tourism package that marries culture, traditions, nature, food experience. Tourism is also an excellent method to help non-Indigenous people learn to build relationships and gain an understanding and respect of the Indigenous ways.

What do you think? Do you see opportunities for 2018? Share your thoughts, comments or suggestions at the bottom of this webpage