In order to set a good foundation for this discourse, it is essential to define what the word – Contrarian means. Contrarian simply means someone who does not go with popular belief or opinion. It means someone who dares to be different. When you combine this word –Contrarian with the word (spirit); it gives you a person who is driven to create something new, beyond the norm or outstanding. In the light of linking this way of life to being innovative, we will look at the subject from two points.

A contrarian spirit may not necessarily mean a total overhaul or re-invention of the wheels by an individual. It can mean the desire to improve an already established framework or system of doing things. Someone may argue that this is not what the term contrarian stands for. However, we must understand that there are certain things that may not be completely changed but can be improved. For example, we may not be able to change the fact that human beings need to eat but we can help them take in the required nutrients through various forms. Someone who looks for those forms to aid the eating process can be termed a contrarian.

On the other hand, a contrarian spirit helps you to completely do things differently. For example, you may notice that people drive their cars to walk and you begin to imagine how to build cars that fly. This will not just be wishful thinking but you start seeking processes that will make this a reality. The degree of operating as a contrarian may differ but the goal remains the same. These individuals work to see that they create something new or birth a fresh improvement on certain established rules of life.

When we take this back to our subject, we will discover that it takes a contrarian spirit to be innovative. There are a few additions that must be made though. Everyone is born with some degree of operating with a contrarian spirit. The average person is curious and wants to find out more about life, people, events and places. Some take it to new levels by becoming innovative while others just leave things at the basic level. It is this difference that marks out the accomplishments of each individual. Anyone can stir up the drive to be innovative when they dare to be more and do more.

Generally, there is no limit to what the human mind can achieve. Most of the research findings show that man is capable of achieving a lot once they set their mind to do a thing. As long as people stay open and are willing to learn about their environment, they will discover the amazing potential that lies within. A contrarian spirit helps people to reach high levels of innovativeness.

That’s my 2 cents, but what do you think? What’s your experience in innovating? Share your thoughts, comments or suggestions at the bottom of this webpage.

Guy Dancause
Idea Connector